What is Hyphen?

Hyphen is a must have addition to any puzzle/action game lover’s collection. Navigate a rotating stick through intricate and fiendish neon mazes while trying to avoid the walls and obstacles. Although it sounds extremely simple, it’s fun and infuriatingly challenging at the same time – you’ll have to muster up every ounce of your inner strength to not rage quit! Coupled with an awesome soundtrack and gorgeous glowing visuals this game will blow your mind in more ways than one.

Game Features:-

  • 36 challenging levels
  • Full original soundtrack composed by Andrew Lloyd
  • 2 unlockable bonus mini games
  • Keyboard and Gamepad support
  • NO MICROTRANSACTIONS – When you buy Hyphen you get it all

You can stay up to date with anything Hyphen on our Blog, our Forum, the Hyphen Facebook Page and Twitter.

Looks awesome, how do I get it?

Simple – click any of the stores below to be taken to their store page where you can purchase the game, or use the humble widget:-


tumblr_inline_mvyvzqqJmv1r09qkf    igslogo

More stores coming soon as and when we are accepted into them!


Steam Greenlight

We have been greenlit Steam Greenlight. We will be releasing Hyphen on Steam soon so stay tuned!

Supported platforms

Hyphen is currently available on Windows PC’s. Mac OSX , Linux and mobile support is planned in future.

For the adventurous and more technical amongst you, we have had success running Hyphen on OSX using WineSkin, It runs pretty well when set up correctly. If you do go this route you’ll need to purchase the Windows version and extract the game files from the msi file as the installer does not run correctly in WineSkin. If you want any help or to discuss this then please email us using the form on our contact page!

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 or above
  • Multi Core CPU
  • Dedicated Graphics Card* (DirectX 9 and shader model 2.0 compatible at a minumum)
  • 2 GB RAM

* Hyphen has also been tested on and works on an Intel HD 3000. Equivalent and superior onboard graphics may work, although we don’t make any promises

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